It's been a hot minute.

I took a break for about 2 years to focus on my career. Working in the government contracting industry has been stressful. There was always unexpected twists and turns that made managing a side hustle, like photography, really tough. After the pandemic, my company shifted to full-time remote work permanently which then gained me more time to focus on my passions and rethink my entire life plan.

The pandemic also put things into perspective. As grateful as I am with my career, I know that life isn't about fancy titles or how large your network is. It's about building meaningful relationships and experiencing what life has to offer; everything else is just a bridge to get you there.

This realization validates the huge difference in how I intend to photograph everything from now on. Life, adventure, passion, personality, and connections--these are the things i want reflected throughout all my photos. I want to move away from those surface-level shots and dig deep into who you really are. Let's show the world our flaws, our weird moments, and our eccentricity that makes life worth sharing.